Hello family and friends,

I’ve always enjoyed keeping a journal while travelling. My earliest memories of travelling are of the scrapbooks that mum helped us make, before I could even write. After pasting in colourful foil capsule tops, bits of maps and postcards, I remember tracing carefully over the large letters she had written for me. It’s a tradition that’s stuck.

Revisiting our travel journals years later brings to life memories we’ve lost over time: a funny conversation; the taste of a delicious meal; the weird smell of a cheap hotel room. And I enjoy writing a little each day, it’s therapeutic. But I’ve been in two minds about keeping a blog, while we take time out from our professional lives to travel and indulge in the arts. 

Between you and me, I’m a little nervous about having an audience. Will the thought of others reading my journal entries induce writer’s block or encourage me to cut back on some of the detail that we’ll enjoy remembering later? Perhaps a manifesto will help, and a healthy dose of denial. 

I shall think of this blog as a members lounge: I’ll write as I have in my travel journals; for Carol & David of the future, for our family and a few close friends. I’ll write of our plans and experiences as they unfold. I’ll write everyday, even if it’s a short post or a single image of two slugs on the footpath. 

We’re embarking on a strictly first world itinerary that sits somewhere between revisiting old stomping grounds and exploring new places. With a balance between vibrant cities and remote wilderness, from blazing desert sunshine to frozen alpine lakes. There is so much to look forward to over the coming months! I hope you will join us.


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